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Disover the possibilities of a multi food processor from Catch!

Food processors go beyond just blending and mixing, instead being able to chop onions, knead pizza dough, puree fruit and veg, or quickly slice, pulse or shred. Uncover some of the possibilities for yourself today by browsing the range at Catch.

Take the time and effort out of food preparation, instead allowing your multi food processor to complete arduous work in an instant. Get smoother liquids, more finely grated cheese or deftly whisked eggs all with the simple touch of a button. Whip up dressings, sauces or appetising purees with ease and awe guests with your newfound cooking capabilities. The ease with which food processors complete tasks will inspire you to produce the finest range of culinary delights.

Customising old recipes to spice up meal time is made easy with a blender/food processor from Catch. Cut your own french fries, blend ice cubes or press citrus with the KitchenAid KFP1644 Pro Line Food Processor, or devise your own nutritious smoothie with the Kambrook KFP400 Essentials Direct Drive Food Processor. Mince herbs and spices to add the punch your meals have been missing - whatever it is, the ability to do more allows you to go above and beyond with the best food processor you’ve encountered yet!

The easy assembly of a food processor takes the burden out of blending, while straightforward controls allow you to manage a range of ingredients with fitting precision. Multiple adjustment settings, paired with the ability to manage the speed and blade thickness allows you to perfect every meal, regardless of what your constituents are. Compact storage adds to the practicability of these devices, as does their dishwasher compatibility. With funcitonality at the forefront, a food processor is the kitchen appliance you won’t be able to do without!

Buy food processors at Catch today!

Robust and powerful, these machines offer a range of flexible potentials to transform dull dishes into the most delectable of feasts.

The best food processor is right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Shop big brands such as Russel Hobbs, Kitchenaid, Sunbeam, Breville and more, all for a fraction of the price you’d pay otherwise.

The food processor sale is on now at Catch - don’t miss out on securing the appliance you need to produce exceptional meals with less effort.