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Chop, cut, dice and more! Shop the range of food slicer and cutters at Catch today

Discover true precision for less with a slicer machine from Catch! Designed to cut through meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables and bread at varying lengths, you can achieve ultimate cutting accuracy without hassle.

Stop spending hours and tremendous effort cutting with a knife and let your electric food slicer tackle difficult, finicky and tedious cutting tasks. Achieve the precision your food prep has been lacking with easy-to-use controls, wrapping the job up in no time at all. These powerful machines can carve your Christmas ham like never before, shave cheese to fit impeccably on your cracker, and create flawlessly equal slivers of bread. The blade guards make it even safer than cutting with a knife, giving you all the more reason to choose your slicer machine over elementary cutlery.

Check out other ways to segment your food with a mandolin cutter or food spiraliser...

Swap your grater for a mandolin cutter to julienne, grate or cube your food with speed and precision. Obtain professional results every time with the Gourmet Kitchen Adjustable Foldable Mandolin Slicer or the Oxo Good Grips Chefs Mandoline Slicer. Both simple and safe to use, these cutters are pertinent for any time-pressed bakers looking to up their cooking game without sacrificing accuracy.

Experience the myriad of capabilities a food spiraliser can perform with spirals, noodles, ribbons and more available at just the touch of a button. Add aesthetic to your meals and make nutrition more appealing to kids by turning boring fruit and veg into creative works of art. Products such as the KitchenAid spiraliser can core and slice hassle-free or simply peel with extreme speed. Whatever you require, your cooking capacity will vastly increase with Catch’s assortment of useful appliances.

Our range of food slicers, mandolin cutters and food spiralisers make knives and peelers look primitive - once you experience these valuable kitchen appliances you’ll never look back. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make time in the kitchen more useful - the electric food slicer sale is on now at Catch!