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Discover the range of tasks a kitchen blender from Catch can complete in record time with effortless ease!

At Catch, the wide range of blenders go above and beyond to give you all you could possibly want in a versatile kitchen appliance. Powerful enough to crush ice cubes and crumb tough biscuits, blenders are the perfect kitchen companion where multi-tasking gadgets are concerned. You’ll be amazed at the many functions the humble kitchen blender can make straightforward - chopping, whisking, grinding and mincing. Reach new potentials in the kitchen with the ability to customise recipes and make food prep more convenient, all thanks to your new blender.

A hand blender for every need

If you’re after a health kick, unlocking the hidden nutrients within your fruit and veg is beyond easy with the ability to blend even the toughest of foods. Never waste the offcuts again, transforming them instead into delicious liquids perfect for on the go natural energy. If you’ve been searching for the best smoothie maker though, look no further than the range on offer by NutriBullet, ideal for full-bodied nutrient rich wellness.

Pressed for space? A bulky food processor can easily be replaced with a small blender to fit seamlessly into your tight kitchen crannies - try the Breville Mini Wizz Food Blender or a stick blender with a convenient wall mount. The sleek hand blender can scramble your eggs, curate exotic cocktails or mix tasty dips, ideal for entertaining. Why not check out the Maxim Stick Blender 200W or the Panasonic MX-SS1 hand-held immersion blender at prices you won’t believe!

Other incredible functionalities such as cooking soups, heating milk and steaming vegetables are also capable with products such as the Eurochef Glass Soup Maker, making versatile appliances such as this one a must-have for the modern home.

Shop blenders for less at Australia’s favourite online superstore!

From a portable blender bottle to the best smoothie maker, Catch’s extensive range is sure to have something to suit your needs. Select from a variety of products with an assortment of features such as different motor powers, speeds and torque, blade sharpness and handy accessories to meet your desires.

Safe, speedy and simple to use, you can get these versatile appliances for less at Catch! Take your efficiency in the kitchen to new heights with any of the numerous kitchen blenders on offer, made all the more manageable with delivery direct to your door. Never struggle with mixing or mashing again using your kitchen’s new powerhouse - your very own blender from Catch!