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Save BIG on Clothes Drying Racks!

During the summer, there’s no denying that hanging your clothes up outside is the way to go. Not only do you save energy by using the natural sunlight, but you expose your washing to fresh air. But what about during the colder months and rainy days? It can be extremely frustrating when you spend your precious time hanging up your washing on an overcast day, praying it doesn’t rain..but then 20 minutes later the rain comes. You bring the washing in frantically, then the rain decides to stop. This is where an electric heated clothes rack will be your best friend. Not only will you be able to hang your washing up indoors, they’ll dry surprisingly quickly thanks to the heating function. Another added benefit of heated clothes racks is, it’ll actually slightly warm up the room that you place it in! Gone will be the days where you have to step outside and freeze while hanging up the washing on winter days, or worry about the rain and moisture. We all know that “rain-smell” that clothes can get when they get rained on. And if not tried completely, they develop an unpleasant sweat-like smell. You know what we’re talking about! Avoid that from now on and grab yourself an electric clothes rack at Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.

Grab A Heated Clothes Drying Rack Today

Now’s your chance to take advantage of our spectacular sale and have an electric clothes rack delivered straight to your door! The Norwegia Heated Electric Heated Clothes Rack is an absolute beauty. Enjoy the luxury of warm, toasty dry clothes without the heavy power consumption of your average machine dryer! With a compact and portable design, this heated electric clothes rack will allow you to easily dry everything from your jeans, tees and ... delicates anywhere in your home, without even needing you to step outside during the dreary winter months! Did you know you can even get a mountable heated towel rack at Catch? That’s right! The Lenoxx Mount Towel Rail is an extremely efficient way to dry your towels and also warm your clothes and towels while in the shower so you come out to a fresh, warm, comfortable bliss. This rack can be powered off during the warmer months and used as a standard towel rail, then powered on again for the cooler months. Passing up on the current deals at Catch is something you don’t want to do! Check out what’s up for grabs today and save a ton. Welcome to Australia’s favourite place to shop online.