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Digital Thermometers On SALE

We all love to feel our best and be fever-free. But sometimes it can creep up on us! Whether it’s because you didn’t dry your hair before going to bed, or you caught it from a sniffling colleague at work, it’s never fun when you’re bed-bound. But even when you’re under the weather and don’t feel like doing anything at all, it’s always a good idea to check your temperature. That’s where a digital thermometer to check your temperature comes into the picture! And for all the parents out there, when you’re little one isn’t feeling so good, having a children’s thermometer on hand is a great way to gauge whether you should take them to the doctors or just let them rest and recover at home. Although medical thermometers isn’t the most thrilling of topics, our sale is bound to get you excited! We’ve heavily discounted our wide range of thermometers - from the most basic to the super comprehensive ones. Check them out today and be fever-ready!

Touchless Thermometers, Ear Thermometers + More!

Nowadays, the options are endless when it comes to even something like a medical thermometer. Let us take you through some of our favourites. The Flex-Tip Thermometer by ObboMed Australia for instance is an essential that should be every home, as it provides quick and accurate temperature readings. An extra-large screen provides convenience for vision- deficient users. Results come out quickly in 10 seconds and the 10 reading are recorded for long-term therapy. A flexible, waterproof probe tip provides additional comfort and convenience. Although you may be alright with it, what if your little one doesn’t cooperate when you go to put the thermometer under their tongue or armpit? The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Touchless Thermometer is perfect in these cases! The non-contact design makes for a struggle-free, comfortable and hygienic way of taking anyone’s temperature. When shopping at Catch, all you have to do is add the items you’re after to your cart, check out, and we’ll deliver ‘em straight to your door! It really is that simple when shopping at the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.