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Large Kitchen Appliances SALE - Don’t miss out!

What would we do without out kitchens? Honestly, it’s where all the magic happens! From a roast chicken and root veggies cooking away in the oven to the fluffy pancakes taking shape in the fry pan , it’s the ultimate hub to whip up your favourite meals. At Catch, we considered the importance of kitchens, and that’s why we’re running a large kitchen appliances SALE. That’s right - we’re slashing prices on a mountain of items including sink mixer taps, microwaves, dishwashers, electric induction cooktops and more so many more. Plus, big brands all Aussies would instantly recognise are stocked up here at Australia’s favourite place to shop online. Why spend hours and hours, going from store to store looking for a semi-decent deal, when you can buy kitchen appliances online at Catch for less? It’s a no-brainer. We’re even doing a sale on our BBQ range, for those who like grillin’, flippin’ and searin’ steaks, snags, veggies...practically anything you’re craving!

Buy Kitchen Appliances Online - Australia-wide delivery, straight to your door

Yep, you read that right. Once you’re happy with the goodies in your cart from the large kitchen appliances sale, we’ll deliver them to your doorstep! It doesn’t get much better than that. So what’s up for grabs? If you’re in need of a new microwave that has all the features you could ever want, the Heller 30L Digital Microwave Oven is one you should take a look at. This beauty boasts a whopping 10 power levels, defrost function and even a grilling rack! Who said microwaves were just for reheating food? This diverse kitchen appliance has a wide range of uses, whether it’s just you at home or you’ve got a house full of hungry family members looking to use it. If you like getting more hands on with your cooking, then check out our gas and charcoal BBQ sale. The classic Weber Original Charcoal BBQ is an easy to use barbie that’ll be sure to fit in even the smallest of backyards or decks. All you need is charcoal and you’re well on your way to adding an amazing smokey flavour to anything you pop on the grill. For those who’ve set their spending budget to two digits, we highly recommend the Kitchen Couture Induction Cooker. This portable cooktop is by far one of the safest options out there, so it’s great for families with little ones running around. Plus, Kitchen Couture have been kind enough to add a BONUS 26cm pot to the cooktop. Crazy stuff! You’d be hard pressed to find better deals than the ones up right now at Catch. Have a browse today.

Cook Up A Storm with Catch!

Once you’ve served up your culinary magic and polished those plates, the real fun begins- doing the dishes. Now, whether you’re prefer hand-washing or popping ‘em in the dishwasher, our large kitchen appliances sale caters to all! Fluso have a wide range of elegant kitchen sinks comprised of aesthetically appealing materials like matte porcelain and granite stone. Fancy stuff without the hefty price tag! We should also mention, sink mixer taps to accompany your brand new sink are available as well. We won’t hold you up any longer - head on over to the kitchen appliance sale and save big bucks. Welcome to Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals!