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Buy pressure cooker online at CATCH

Wondering how a pressure cooker will do miracles in your kitchen? Well, here it is, our pressure cookers cook food pretty damn fast. No kidding! To save all the nutrition of your veggies and also have your meal prepared on time, definitely use one of our pressure cookers online. Catch has electric pressure cookers, slow pressure cooker and many more on sale for you to choose from. Take the Healthy Choice 6L Pressure & Slow Cooker for example, whether you're enjoying homemade stir-fries, wintery soups, or tastebud igniting curries, this cooker seals in 90% of vitamins & nutrients typically lost in ovens or stove top cookers. All kinds of delicious food can be cooked in one electric high-pressure cooker. What are you waiting for? Go grab your favourite pressure cooker now.

Buy slow pressure cooker online

Catch has all the renowned brands in stock such as Morphy Richards, Phillips, Breville and many more on sale! You can get all your benchtop cooking essentials for a lot less! Morphy Richards 461000 Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L 290W Red Searing Pot is your best bet. This slow cooker allows you to create meals with the added benefit of being able to brown, sear and saute using the same pan. The lightweight, non-stick coated pot is durable and dishwasher safe so cleaning up afterwards is easy. It’s surely a dream come true because you can now cook without the stress of making a mess! Shop now at Catch and enjoy the screamin’ good deals!