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Shop the Walnut Sale - Right Here at Catch!

Walnut Melbourne was first established in 2007 with a strong desire to take children’s footwear in a refreshing new direction. The brand carefully crafted kids shoes that were both stylish, playful and functional. Simultaneously their philosophy of creating affordable footwear that will last as long as they fit the child was, ‘good quality need not come at a great price’. Over just two years the brand garnered mass consumer demand and loyalty which was previously unheard of for such a new brand. Since then, Walnut has taken off across Australia as a popular kids footwear brand and subsequently launched a range of women’s footwear which proved to be just as popular. Walnut’s footwear captures the essence of fashion and function with a range of styles including sneakers, boots and slip-ons all designed to be versatile and comfortable. Expand your shoe collection now with Walnut’s beautifully crafted, stylish and practical footwear options that you won’t find with any other brand. Walnut truly creates children’s and women’s footwear which is the perfect balance between looking good, feeling good and fitting in with life. Come to Catch now and enjoy incredibly low prices on Walnut Melbourne footwear!

Stylish Footwear for Women and Children

Walnut shoes have subtle details, stylish colours and are super comfortable, meaning both women and children can wear them all day without any discomfort. They are the perfect companion for a busy day, whether it’s filled with playdates with friends, brunch dates or running errands, Walnut shoes will get you through. Walnut’s sneakers are fully padded and can easily be slipped on or off so the little ones can run around with full support and quickly slip them off when they get home. Both for kids and adults, the shoe designs are simple and versatile so they can follow you through the entire day. Pair them with exercise clothing or a pair of trackies for the morning walk, jeans later in the day and a nice dress or slacks for a fancy evening dinner. Even Walnut boots are comfortable enough to last you all day! That is simply unheard of. The footwear is based on classic and traditional designs, however, with a modern twist to make them unique and contemporary. Check out the extensive range of gorgeous footwear for women and children at the Catch Walnut sale!

The Perfect Shoe for Every Occasion

From leather boots to slip-on canvas sneakers, Walnut Melbourne has a stylish shoe for every possible occasion. The women’s shoe collection includes heaps of ankle boots in black, brown and patterned leather as well as patent leather for a dressier look, espadrilles and sneakers! For the children, there are heaps of boots, ballet flats, slip-on sneakers and even sandals. You can create an entire closet worth of footwear just with Walnut shoes, they are so versatile and comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else. And with the amazingly low prices on Walnut footwear at Catch, there is no reason to wear any other footwear at all! Your children will love you for it and you will never have sore feet at the end of the day again. With Catch’s massive sale on Walnut Melbourne footwear, you can go on a crazy shopping spree without worrying about breaking the bank. We have lined up some awesome footwear options for you to browse through, pick your favourites and have them delivered to your door in no time. Don’t miss out, check out the Walnut sale now at Catch!