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Walnut Melbourne sale - right here at Catch!

Walnut Melbourne was first established in January 2007 with a strong desire to take children’s footwear in a refreshingly new direction. Walnut created kids shoes that were playful and economical. Their philosophy behind creating affordable and practical footwear was, ‘good quality need not come at a great price’. In a short span of two years the brand gained consumer loyalty and a huge demand for diversity. In 2009 due to rising popularity, Walnut launched an exclusive range of women’s footwear. Capturing the essence of fashion and function, Walnut Melbourne has now become an Australian women’s footwear staple. Expand your shoe collection with Walnut’s beautifully crafted, stylish & comfortable footwear options. Come to Catch and enjoy incredibly low prices on your favourite footwear as Walnut Melbourne shoes are now on sale!

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Walnut shoes have subtle details, bold colours and are super comfortable. This means kids can wear them all day without any discomfort. For extra cautious parents, the good news is Walnut’s kid's sneakers are fully padded, so your little one can jump and hop around without worrying about shoe bites. Both for kids and adults, Walnut shoes’ designs are simple, clean and traditional. However, to give a modern touch, some footwear does consist of a modern twist in design making them unique and very much in vogue. Check out the extensive range of footwear online at Walnut Melbourne sale at Catch!

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From high boots to trendy leather shoes, Walnut Melbourne has everything your foot desires. Women’s shoe collections are not limited to a couple of stilettos, boots and sandals, in fact, some women need an entire closet to stock their footwear collection. With Catch’s massive sale on Walnut Melbourne footwear, you can go on a crazy shopping spree without worrying about your bank balance. Yes, we have indeed lined up some great footwear options for you guys to browse through! Check out Walnut Melbourne collection now at Catch!