Seagate: The storage specialists

Understanding the need for safe and reliable data storage, Seagate offers sensational data storage solutions, becoming the global leader in the industry since 1979. With an increasing amount of information stored by people and businesses around the world, data storage solutions have become crucial in preserving and sharing important files and memories. Becoming more about information analysis, patterns and behaviours as well as reliving important memories and experiences, Seagate has realised the need for greater performance! Delivering on that realisation, Seagate is the number one choice for your storage needs.

A hard drive with style

Seagate creates sleek and reliable external hard drives that provide fuss-free storage solutions for everyday use. From basic add-on storage to high-performance drives for your PC or Mac, Seagate store all your digital content including files, photos, multimedia and more. The best portable hard drive is Seagate, perfect for backing up important files and long-lasting memories.

Ideal space for those important files

The Seagate 1TB Hard Drive can back up your files at home with plenty of space for your personal storage. It’s portable with a sleek design and is compatible between Mac and Windows. This easy to use hard drive is great for protecting important files, and with high-speed connectivity, you can transfer documents quickly. How good is that?

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