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Nerf: the foam ball that took over the world

At its inception, Nerf was the world’s first indoor ball - one that you could toss and hurl inside the house without wrecking the place. Some of the world’s first indoor ball games were launched by Nerf such as Nerf Football and Nerf Ping Pong. Since then, this simple foam ball has paved the way for a whole world of high-octane fun from our familiar Nerf guns to super-durable dog toys and more. Nerf is one of the most durable foam balls there is, making it the perfect toy for hours of fun that’s equally as chaotic as it is safe. Nerf balls are made with a solid, spongy cellular material that contracts and expands, making the perfect chew toy and fetching ball for your beloved pets. At Catch, we’ve stocked up on your favourite Nerf pet toys, launchers and play guns to give you and your family hours of foamy fun. Take advantage of our awesome discounts today and grab some cheap Nerf goodies online now!

Grab your very own Nerf gun today!

Check out the Nerf Scatter Strike Super Soaker for boys and the Nerf Rebelle for girls. These water guns are perfect for aerial warfare and close proximity - round up the troops and let the epic water battle commence! The best part? You don’t have to be a kid to love Nerf guns. These blasters are just the thing to pump up your pool parties and beach days this summer.

Toys for your furry friends

Nerf dog toys and soft balls are ideal for an epic game of catch with your canine buddies. With awesome aero-dynamic build, Nerf dog footballs fly super far and are built to squeeze and crinkle. Your dog can safely chomp down on these soft toys without damaging their teeth. If you’re looking to inject some serious fun into your dog walks, Nerf dog toys are definitely the way to go.

What are you waiting for? Hours and hours of fun awaits!

Check out an awesome range of cheap Nerf guns and dog toys right here at Catch of the Day! Grab your favourite Nerf goodies online today at slashed prices and save big.