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Love ‘Em liver treats and dog biscuits are concocted to keep your furry pals happy and healthy. When it comes to the health of your pets, don’t settle for less. If you want your little furries to stay on top of their health for years and years to come, choose Love ‘Em dog biscuits and treats - formulated for happy pups and kitties. From liver cookies to de-worming chews and so much more, you’ll find all your favourite dog and cat treats right here at Catch. The Love 'em range of liver cookies, treats and Puppy Rewards care for the health of your best friend, and help to promote strong teeth and bones, as well as maintain healthy cartilage and tendons.

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Love ‘Em Allwormer Chews are the perfect thing to keep your pup worm-free. All dog owners know just how hard it is to get their pups to swallow de-worming tablets. With this delectable liver-flavoured chew, you can say goodbye to all the drama. Your dog will love the meaty taste of Allwormer Chews, making it super easy for them to get the meds they need to stay worm-free.