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There's a reason kids love LOL Surprise dolls and accessories!

LOL Surprise balls features interactive layers that contain an exciting mini doll and a collection of their amazing accessories, stickers and messages within the layers! These exciting collectible dolls vary in size and styles and are always guaranteed to be a fun present! From the highly desired Confetti Pop Doll Series 3 to the Sparkle Series, the excitement in unwrapping in the multiple layers of lovely accessories are bound to be an adventure! LOL Surprise are the gifts that keep on giving. You'll have absolutely no trouble making the kids happy with these creative and fun LOL Surprises. They’re everyone's favorite! The adorable dolls can even get their new furry best friend with collections in the LOL Surprise Pets Series!

If you’re little princess just can’t get enough of LOL Surprise, Catch has her covered. Not only do we have a castle-full of dolls and accessories, you’ll also find heaps more goodies at unbeatable prices!

For example, LOL Surprise stationary is bound to make the kids look forward to every school day to show how you can be studious with style! With the LOL Surprise 10-Piece Pencil Case Set you can rest assured that they’ll be prepared for whatever the day will bring. Couple it with the LOL Surprise Hardcover Notebook Set and they will be 100% ready for an exciting school day!

LOL Surprise - taking the toy world by storm since 2016

Created by MGA Entertainment, LOL Surprise toys have been flying off the shelves in frenzy! Catch makes it easier for you to find and order these awesome toys at the simple click of a button. A 2018 bestseller that accounted for 7 out of 10 of the best selling toys in the US, they’re only selling more. Already featured on multiple Top Ten christmas lists for 2019, you'd want to order some ASAP as you do not want to miss out on these sales!

HUGE Bargains on LOL Surprise products await you!

LOL Surprises are the most amazing presents one can get, and at Catch you can be assured you are getting the best prices and guaranteed delivery straight to your door! Festive season is about to start soon so let’s take advantage of the bargains Catch offers. Grab a Screamin’ Good Deal today from the comfort of your own home.