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    GoPro was one of the world’s first action cameras designed to capture life’s most exhilarating moments so you are free to celebrate the moment as it happens. The cameras are compact, waterproof and packed full of features such as video stabilisation to help you catch these moments in the highest quality. Originally created by founder, Nick Woodman to help him record him and his friends surfing, GoPro cameras have only improved over time to become the ideal action camera no matter the moment you want to capture. Whether you want to capture your crazy adrenaline rush filled experiences or simply take a camera on a camping trip without fear of it breaking, a GoPro is for you. The main goal of the GoPro brand is to enable people to share their experiences easily and in high-quality, so as long as you click that capture button, you are ready for a GoPro! The latest GoPro Hero 9 features a screen front and back to easily view your moments, wind-noise reduction and is waterproof up to 33ft. While the GoPro Max takes it even further with the capability to film 360 degree views, take a panoramic shot without moving the camera and 6 microphones for the best sound ever. Known as the toughest camera ever, GoPro’s are built to last and can be clipped onto a range of mounts to leave you hands-free and able to capture the moment in its rawest form. Users can even submit their content to GoPro for the chance to be featured on their website or YouTube and even win prizes! Owning a GoPro is the best single best way to record any moment in your life and now you can do it for cheaper than ever before. Check out the GoPro sale now at Catch and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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    GoPro’s founder, Nick Woodman started the business in 2002 as he himself wanted a camera that would be durable enough to capture him and his friends surfing and skiing. He had tried to find photographers who would be able to capture these moments however, they couldn’t afford the top-of-the-range equipment needed to get close enough and he realised the only way to record what he wanted was to go pro, hence the name ‘GoPro’ was born. The original GoPro was a much less compact and practical 35mm film camera as it’s real hero was a wrist strap made from old wetsuit material and mount made from plastic scraps which aimed to provide an easy way to take a camera where you wouldn’t normally. Obviously, the design was a good one! The company has now sold over 26million cameras in over 100 countries worldwide. You too can become an owner of this fantastic camera and capture all your favourite moments no matter where or when, by shopping the GoPro sale at Catch! Our range features the GoPro Hero 7,8 and 9 and the GoPro Max as well as a huge selection of accessories for every possible situation.

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    The best accessory every GoPro purchase includes is access to the GoPro App. Specifically designed to be an extension of the camera, the app allows you to control the camera remotely and view what your camera is seeing (goodbye to self-timer and guessing what you look like!). You can also view your photos and playback your videos, save them to your camera roll and easily share your content all from the app. GoPro also produces a huge range of accessories for their cameras to assist you in both capturing every moment possible and in viewing and sharing these moments. If surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking is your sport, the surfboard mount kit allows a GoPro to be attached to the front of any of these vessels and comes with a 12month warranty for your peace of mind. Flotation attachments are the perfect accessory if you will take your GoPro swimming or diving. Running out of charge is the worst, especially if you are 2 seconds away from capturing an amazing moment, the GoPro rechargeable batteries are portable and allow you to immediately have a fully charged camera all over again! Make some memories now and check out the online GoPro sale at Catch to find your perfect GoPro setup.