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Furminator: keeping your pets healthy and happy

Made for the proud parents of pets everywhere, Furminator helps you keep your pawed pals at their best. Furminator aims to decrease excessive shedding in dogs and cats, in a way that benefits both the owner and pet. When it comes to shedding, Furminator has the edge in delivering products that reduce loose hair shedding by up to 90%. The Furminator product range offers unique de-shedding tools, super hygienic shampoos and so much more - all designed to keep your pets optimally healthy and keep your home free of the mountains of hair that come with owning a dog or cat. With such a comprehensive range including nail care products to keep your pets’ paws healthy, it’s no wonder Furminator is a favourite of pet owners everywhere. At Catch, you’ll find a great range of Furminator deshedding tools and more for a fraction of regular prices.

Deshedding tools for pets of all sizes

The Furminator original deshedding tool is just what you need to help your pets shed that excess hair that can make a mess in your living spaces. Not just to keep your furniture and floors free of hair, the deshedding tool helps keep your pets more comfortable by reducing ingestion of nasty hairballs and stimulating natural oil production in your pet’s skin.

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At Catch, you can pile up your cart without busting the bank. Check out all the best pet care products, pet food and so much more at Australia’s favourite online superstore. You can grab your Furminator deshedding tools for cats and dogs of various hair lengths today and save big!

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With great variety and prices you won’t find elsewhere, you can stop searching and start saving now. Stock up with your essential pet care goodies and ensure your pets stay healthy and happy, all without busting your budget.