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Bose: Born by Science

Founded in 1964 by Dr Amar Bose, Bose Corporation has become synonymous for high-quality audio for around the home and larger spaces. Starting out with projects for the military and government agencies, Dr Amar Bose and his two employees worked tirelessly at night exploring acoustics and speaker design. Since then, Bose revolutionised what we know as audio, with a range of solutions across industries such as automotive, aviation, sports events and much more. It's no wonder that Bose is the number one choice for audio! Don’t settle for subpar sound – choose Bose!

The only choice when it comes to audio

Earning the trust of many around the globe, Bose has innovated time and time again bringing portable speakers to fruition with the first ever table top speaker, powerful enough to fill the room. Pioneers of sound, Bose redefined noise cancelling headphones with products that pilots adopted due to comfort and superior sound quality. Bose now stocks a range of solutions for all your listening needs such as wireless noise cancelling headphones, portable speakers and much more.

Upgrade your sound system today

The Bose Soundlink Mini is the perfect addition to the family, with wireless technology ideal for listening around the home. Sift through your favourites on your phone from the couch and let the music play in the living room with a touch of your finger. Life’s just so easy with Bose.

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