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Ben Sherman: The classic look for men - amplified

The man, the enigma, Ben Sherman created a strong classic men’s brand in 1963 to amplify the everyman’s wardrobe with high quality pieces designed to fit men everywhere. Over 5 decades of commitment to quality has introduced Ben Sherman to global customers and keeps delivering sharp-cut ‘Mod’ style with affordable prices. There’s nothing quite like an original Ben Sherman shirt - embodying a deeply rooted commitment to shaking up the norm with some razor-sharp style, a Ben Sherman shirt is an iconic item of clothing that fits you like a handcrafted racing glove.

Here come the Mods

The ‘modernists’ or ‘mods’ were a sharp and sleek movement of individuals in the flashy 60s who adopted classic Italian formal style and a sense of sophistication in their appearance. The Mods adopted the Ben Sherman shirt and revered it for its sleek slim-fitting style, quality and colours. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated vibe to your wardrobe for your gentlemanly adventures, we have a wide range of Ben Sherman sale items at Catch guaranteed to keep your pockets fuller. We can’t get enough of a smooth, razor-sharp look that’s as comfortable as it is sophisticated. Ben Sherman apparel is made for you like a plain denim tie complements a classic form-fitting Oxford shirt - very, very well.

Stock up for an affordable classic wardrobe

With such great prices and discounts at Catch, you can pile up your cart without sacrificing your weekend budget. If you’re a ‘baller on a budget’ you can create a number of sleek, classic looks with our variety of Ben Sherman men’s shirts, tees and accessories. The Ben Sherman Slim Leg Denim jean pairs great with all collared shirts, tees and shoes for a number of outfit options to keep you looking fresh.

Shop online with Catch and create your new classic look today!

No need for cart-to-cart hopping on numerous websites - we’ve got your favourite Ben Sherman gear right here at Catch. Create a couple classic looks today without busting the bank. Go on, you’ve earned it.